Financial Aid Center

Learn about the different financial aid sources available to help students make a college education affordable and attainable!

Applying for Financial Aid
Applying for financial aid is KEY to financing your college education.
Completing a financial aid application can provide you access to federal, state, and institutional aid.
Who can apply?
Anyone enrolled in a degree or certificate program at a college or career school regardless of income level, household size, or legal status.
Where Do I Apply?
There are 2 main financial aid applications: FAFSA and CA Dream Act.

You will only apply to one depending on your status.
Which Application Is Right For Me?
Who applies to FAFSA? - U.S. Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders)

Who applies to CA Dream Act?- Undocumented students with/without DACA, U Visa Holders, TPS Status, Those who meet the non-resident exemption requirements (AB540)
Learn More About the FAFSA Learn More about the CA Dream Act

Types of Financial Aid

A grant is a form of gift aid, usually based on financial need.

Available Grants:
Pell Grant, Cal Grant, FSEOG, Institutional/University Grants, Chafee Grants.
A scholarship is a form of gift aid based on merit, financial need , talent, or a particular area of study. Usually funded by private foundations, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, corporations, and colleges/universities.
Work-study allows students to earn money to pay for school by working part-time on campus.
The total work-study amount awarded depends on when you apply, level of financial need, and school's funding level.
A loan is borrowed money for school that must be repaid with interest.

Types of Loans:

SUBSIDIZED (Interest paid by Dept. of Ed while student is in school & deferment periods).

UNSUBSIDIZED (Borrower is responsible for ALL interest).

PLUS (For parents of dependent undergraduates; borrower is responsible for ALL interest).