Applying to College

There are 4 main systems of education you can apply to:

University of California (UC)
California State University (CSU)
California Community College (CCC)

Who Can Apply?

Anyone meeting the minimum admission requirements to any system can apply for each system they are eligible for.

What Do I Need to Apply?

  1. Copy of Current Transcripts
    (High School & College, if applicable)
  2. Social Security Number, if applicable
  3. Professional Email Account
  4. Payment Method, if applicable.
    *** Fee Waivers available for those who qualify

Where Do I Apply?

There are 4 main college applications, each system has its own:
UC- University of California

CSU- Cal State Apply

Privates/Out-of-State- Common App

CA Community Colleges- CCC Apply

You may be eligible for all systems or maybe just one.

What is my College Eligibility?

Want to know if you meet the minimum course and G.P.A requirements to apply to Cal States and UCs?

Use your transcripts and the steps provided below to find out what high school courses count towards your A-G course requirements, which courses provide you with extra honors points to boost your G.P.A., and how to calculate your college admissions G.P.A.

Do I Meet the A-G Course Requirements?

1. Have a copy of your transcripts
2. Click: HS A-G Course List. You will search for your school (School Name, City, or CEEB Code).
3. Once you select your school, click "Course List" and all the approved A-G courses will appear.
4. For each grade level, change the academic school year to see the A-G courses for that year.
5. Use the search bar on the website and search each course on your transcript to see if the course listed is an approved A-G course. If the course appears on the website, highlight the course on your transcript. If it does not appear don't highlight it because it is not an approved A-G course.

6. Do this for ALL courses 9th-12th grade
7. You will know if you have met or will meet minim A-G requirements if you highlighted at least:
- 2 Years of Social Science
- 4 years of English
- 3 years of Math
- 2 year of Science (1 year of Biological Science and 1 year of Physical Science)
- 2 years (or the equivalent) of Language other than English
- 1 year of Visual/performing Arts
- 1 Year of College Prep Electives

**AP and Honor courses that display a yellow star next to them on the website are approved AP/Honors courses and give you an extra point on your G.P.A

Do I Meet the Minimum G.P.A Requirement?

Once you have identified all your A-G courses, click: "G.P.A. Calculator and follow the instructions on the page to calculate your G.P.A.