What is a Major?

The area of study you focus on while pursuing your degree is often referred to as your major. Majors consist of core classes and additional requirements determined by your degree program.

A major can be a subject, theme, or profession.

Sometimes a major is paired with a concentration to give future employers and/or graduate programs an idea of what you studied and your level of knowledge in a particular area.

For example, if you “major” in business, a degree you could earn is a Bachelor of Business with a concentration in Finance.

Subject vs Professional Majors

Professional Majors:​

Engineering​, Nursing, Business: Accounting​, Architecture​, etc.

These majors focus on the education to prepare you for working within that field.

Subject Majors:​

Sociology​, Psychology​, Education​, Spanish​

These majors focus on an area that you are passionate and invested in and YES you can find work with these majors. 

Things to Consider when Selecting a Major

Things that interest and inspire you​

Skills that you want to use and excel at and skills you do not want to use​

Work Values​

Career Exploration and Research​

Connecting Majors to Careers​

College Major Categories

Arts & Humanities
Majors that fall under the Arts & Humanities area combine the study of art, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion.
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Majors and disciplines that fall under the Business area include accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and real estate.
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Health & Medicine
Majors that fall under the Health and Medicine combine the study, research, and knowledge of health principles to prevent, diagnose, and care for humans and animals.
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Multi-Interdisciplinary Studies
Programs in the multi-interdisciplinary area combine two or more majors together through a common theme.
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Public & Social Services
Areas of study that fall under Public & Social Services include public administration, social services, and protective services.
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Programs that fall under STEM provides students with a multidisciplinary skill set that overlap in each of the 4 disciplines.
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Social Sciences
Majors that fall under Social Sciences focus on individuals and society and the relationship between them.
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Major Exploration Resources

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Major Explorer

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ASU Me 3 Game & Degrees

ASU is the 6th largest school in the nation and has developed beneficial resources to help students discover their careers, degrees, interests, and majors. Click "Explore Now" below to try out their fun Me 3 game to explore your options.

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CA Career Zone

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What Can I Do with this Major?

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