Majors...Degrees...& Careers...oh my!

This is considered step one for most students! Higher Education is the FIRST time students can decide what they want to study and where they want to go to school! We know this is a lot of responsibility, but we are here to support students in learning to find their major and degrees needed for their career choices.

Let's get started!
Student's Role in Exploring Careers & Majors

1. Take a career or personality assessment to find out what occupations match your interest.

2. Explore your career interest by participating in activities and workshops.

3. Learn about the education level required for careers that interest you.

4. Learn about the different college majors connected to your career of interest.

Connecting Majors and Careers with a Degree
What is a Degree?

A qualification awarded to students after completing the requirements for a specific course of study. The type of degree you pursue will often be dictated by your major and/or career choice.

Degrees are divided both by discipline and the level of study. In terms of degree levels, students can pursue associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees, and often they choose to progress from one to the next over several years.

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CA Career Zone

CA Career Zone is an incredible resource that utilizes real-time CA data to find careers, schools, and majors! Unique components of this site are taking assessments based on personality, money choices, and lifestyles. Click "explore now" to access CA Career Zone.

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CA Colleges

This website connects you to the school applications, helps you with resume building, A-G course tracking, and researching careers, majors, and schools. Click "explore now" to access

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