What is Cal Grant?

      Cal Grant is FREE money for college awarded by the State of California. To qualify, a FAFSA or CA Dream Act application must be submitted by the deadline (March 2nd) and meet residency, financial, and minimum G.P.A. requirements.

      There are 3 Cal Grants- A, B, and C. The student does not need to choose which Cal Grant to apply to. It will be determined automatically by the responses submitted on FAFSA or CA Dream Act, verified Cal Grant G.P.A. (usually submitted by the high school of attendance), and the colleges listed on your financial aid application.

      What's the Difference Between the 3 Cal grants?

      Cal Grant A:

      Will help pay for tuition and fees at four-year colleges and universities.

      Award amounts vary by type of college

      UC: $13,104 | CSU: $5,472 | Private: up to $9,358

      Minimum High School G.P.A. Requirement: 3.0

      Cal Grant B:

      Provides a living allowance in addition to tuition and fees assistance at two-year or four-year colleges, which may be used to pay living expenses, books, supplies, and transportation.

      Award amount:


      Minimum High School G.P.A. Requirement: 2.0

      Cal Grant C:

      Will help pay for the cost of a technical or career education. Available for up to 2 years

      Award amounts

      Books, tools, and equipment: $1,094| Tuition and Fees if NOT atteding a CA Community College : $2,462

      No Minimum High School G.P.A. Required

      Creating a WebGrants 4 Students Account

      WebGrants 4 Students is the portal where students can manage Cal Grants, Middle Class Scholarship, and/or Chafee accounts.

      Creating an Account for FAFSA Applicants:
      1. Click: Create an Account
      2. Complete Registration Form - You will need SSN and email used on FAFSA
      3. After clicking "Register", you will receive an email to create a password
      4. Login
      5. Set up Security Questions
      6. Once logged in, you will verify information and you will have access to view preliminary Cal Grant (Cal Grant and School shown will be based on the first school listed on FAFSA)
      Creating an Account for CADAA Applicants:
      1: Click: Student Login
      - Login in using your CA Dream Act account Username and Password
      2. Once logged in, you will verify information and you will have access to view preliminary Cal Grant (Cal Grant and School shown will be based on the first school listed on CADAA)

      *Student must wait at least a week after submitting financial aid application to create an account.

      ** After creating your account and verifying information is correct, you will NOT need to do anything until you decide what college you will be attending. Once you have decided on a college you can confirm school of attendance.** Beginning in June, you can log back in to confirm high school graduation. If not, high schools will eventually confirm graduation status.

      Additional Information on State Grants

      Do I Qualify for a Cal Grant?
      Income, family size, and G.P.A. will determine which Cal Grant a student is eligible for.
      - Cal Grant A has a minimum 3.0 G.P.A requirement and Cal Grant B has a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. requirement.
      Income Eligibility
      Middle Class Scholarship
      The Middle Class Scholarship provides funding for students whose family income and assets exceed the Cal Grant income ceiling.
      - Scholarship amount will vary.
      Students may receive 10%-40% of tuition and fees covered.
      Students do not need to complete a separate application. If selected, student will be notified in July or August.
      More Information
      Chafee Grant
      If students are or were in foster care for at least one day, between the ages of 16 and 18 as a dependent or ward of the court and have financial need, they may qualify for up to $5,000 a year for career and technical training or college.
      This money does not need to be paid back. The Chafee Grant can be used at any eligible California college or university or career or technical school, as well as schools in other states.
      First-time applicants must complete and submit a Chafee Grant Application. Click below to access the application.
      Learn More About the Chafee Grant
      Dreamer Service Incentive Grant
      The DSIG Program encourages CA Dream Act Applicant Students with a Cal Grant A award that met Cal Grant B eligibility or a Cal Grant B award to perform community or volunteer service.
      CSAC will award up to $4,500 per academic year to 1,667 eligible students while they have an active Cal Grant A or B award.
      Students must also meet Satisfactory Academic Progress and complete any necessary verification for their Cal Grant award. Students will need to apply annually to participate in the California Dream Act Service Incentive Grant Program.
      Dreamer Service Incentive Grant FAQ