I've Applied to a 4-year University, What's Next?

After submitting your college applications:

1. You will receive email communication from each campus acknowleging they received your application and information to create student portal accounts.

2 Check your student portal and student email accounts for each campus on a regularly; make sure to check your 'To-Do' lists and "Holds' for any missing items

3. February-March: Some colleges will send admissions decisions as early as December, but the majority will send out decisions.

4. March-April: Schools will send out financial aid award packages, if any.

5. April-May: If you plan to live on campus, submit housing application and deposit- check each campus for deadline

6 May 1st- Submit Intent to register (SIR)!- Check any enrollment deposit requirements or fee waiver availability

7. April-July: Sign-up for New Student Orientation. Make sure to check the deadline for the school you plan to attend.

8. June-August: Attend New Student Orientation. (When you sign up for new student orientation you will select a day to attend.)

9 May-July: Submit FINAL transcripts and test scores, if any, to the school you will be attending- check with your campus for actual deadline

10. August-September: Start fall semester at your school!

I've Applied to a Community College, What's Next?

After submitting your CCC Apply application:

1. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging you submitted an application and stating that you will be receiving an follow-up email from the campus you applied to.

2. You will receive an email from the school you applied with your Student ID number, student email address, and next steps to complete.

3. Set up and login to student portal- make sure to check your 'To-Do' lists and "Holds' for any missing items

4. February-May: Complete Promise Program application by- schools may require participation in a support program or a summer counseling course.

5. April-June: Attend Orientation- depending on the campus, it can either be in-person or online

6. Check course placement information for English and Math.

7. April-June: Make an appointment with a counselor to create your Ed Plan.

8. April-July: Register for classes.

9. Summer: Pay student fees- Studend ID card, parking permits, health services, etc.

10. August: Attend first day of class.

I started hearing back from the universities/colleges I applied to, but what do their responses mean?

Below the your college admissions options:

Colleges and universities notify students through the school's online portal, via email, or through a mailed letter. Some college release all admissions at the same time, some by majors, and others as applications come in.

All initial college acceptances will be conditional/ provisional. What does this mean?
- You are accepted as of now, but your admissions is dependent on successful completion of coursework currently in progress or planned and any other conditions set by the university.

- Student fails to meet A-G requirements.
- Student earns deficient grades during 12th grade.
- Inappropriate Social Media Content
- Failure to submit requested documents.
- Failure to meet deadlines.
- Lying on reported and submitted information.
The college or university has decided to defer the student either for:
1. Further review after more information is received, like semester grades, letters of recommendation, etc.
2. To a different term/program that was not requested by the student.
3. Put on a waitlist if admitted students don't enroll.
The college admission team decided the student's application does not meet their admissions requirements or criteria so they deny admission for the student.

If the student feels this is a good fit for them, they can consider going to the community college and re-apply as a transfer student.