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My Future, My Choice, My Education!

About College Bound

The goal of the College Bound program is to guide, monitor and ensure high school graduation among the youth in the community. The program ensures the youth are able to meet high school graduation and college admission requirements, financial aid knowledge and the development of being the "whole packaged" student.

Our mission

Our Mission is to give students more confidence in themselves and in life choices so they have a PLAN for life after high school.


The College Bound program helped me by giving me a space with my peers who shared similar academic interest with me. This helped cultivate a positive environment in which I was further encouraged to pursue higher education and strive to reach my goals.

Mai Polk
Harbor City CB Alum Class of 2022 & Attending UCLA

“It was only with the help of the College Bound program that I was able to feel encourage and capable of reaching my educational goals.”

Andres Ramirez
Wilmington CB Alum Class of 2015 & UC Berkeley Alum Class of 2019

“The College Bound program provided me with the resources I needed to make my dreams become reality.”

Allison Mendoza
Wilmington CB Alum Class of 2017 & CSU Chico Alum Class of 2020

College Bound allows students to be able to visualize themselves attending a higher educational institution and provides them with the knowledge on how to go about doing so.

Diego Martinez
San Pedro CB Alum Class of 2021 & Attending UC Santa Barbara

College Bound is honestly the reason I got into my dream school, UCLA. I'm so grateful for this program as I wouldn't be where I am right now without all the help they've provided for me.

Nicole Onyeagoro
Harbor City CB Alum Class of 2022 & Attending UCLA

“The kindest and most helpful people I’ve ever met.”

Valeria Rico
Port CB Alum Class of 2020 & Attending CSU Fullerton

“College Bound changed my life!”

Celeste Magdaleno
Harbor City CB Alum Class of 2022 & Attending Harvey Mudd College